ABB welding robot


 ABB launched two brand new robot models, the IRB 5350 and IRB 1520ID. The door opener IRB 5350, with a compact design and precise action, is a great assistant in automotive interior painting. The IRB 1520ID is newly designed for arc welding to ensure continuous production. It can reduce maintenance costs by as much as 50% compared to similar products

– Reliable – High production up time
Faulty process cabling is a common cause of unpredicted line stops. With the IRB1600ID, stops can be reduced to a minimum. Because the cables are routed inside the upper arm, their motion is predicted given a certain cycle. When the motion is predicted, so is the lifetime.

– Fast – Short cycle times
Faster then any competing robot in its class.

– Accurate – Consistent part quality
There is always a blind spot when programming a conventional robot. Because of the external routing of the dress pack and its unpredictable motion, programmers have to use their imagination to ensure the dress pack won’t hit anything during operation.
Outstanding position repeatability (+- 0.05 mm) and very good path accuracy.

Strong – Maximized utilization
Payload is 4 kg and maximum reach 1.5 m.

– Versatile – Increased accessibility
Integrated dressing makes the robot’s outer dimensions smaller. This extends the robot system’s real working range, a crucial factor when welding on fixtures with a complex geometry. It also eliminates the risk of damaging the dress pack in case of collision with the fixture.
Bending backwards concept and different mounting options (floor, inverted and tilted +- 30o of robot base).


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