CNC Router CXM1325 With Rotary


Performance Characteristics

  • – This CNC Router Machine is especially designed for engraving cutting on wood, acrylic, metal. The machine works with 200mm Z (height) of job size with 1300mm*2500 mm T-slot table.
  • – We use stepper motor 3.0kW water cooled spindle, Fuling inverter that is qualified for a job and the size of the timber, and large mass production. With hard steel structure, the machine is suitable for the job of hardwood, such as cutting and engraving rosewood for furniture, interior decoration.
  • – Beside, it woks with the attached rotary. Rotary attached is suitable for larger diameter of the rotary for the better working precison than putting it on the table


  • – Woodworking industry wave plate processing, wood cabinet, cupboard door, fine pattern’s engraving, carving of the antique furniture, craft wood door, paint-free door, byobu, craft casement, etc. Also can for advertising signs, acrylic brands, 3D characters, garden or wall decoration, logo, forming system module, billboard, plate, LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut, blister Light box mold…
Model XM1325-A2 Rotary attached
Machine frame Steel pipe 10mm (Steel pipe 8mm for choose)
Working area (X Y axis)  1300*2500mm (1500*3000/2000*3000/2000*4000mm for optional)
Cnc spindle  3kw water cooled spindle (Air cooled spindle for optional)
Control system Mach3 controller (Nc-studio, DSP for optional)
Power voltage 380V or 220V


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