Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine With Protective Cover


Performance characteristics

  • – Various laser generator can be choose

Optical fiber laser integrated structure, no optical pollution, no power of the coupling loss, compact structure compact, air cooling. Rayucs/ CAS/ MAX/ IPG/ MOPA.

  • – Original EZCAD software

The computer with original EZCAD software will be shipped together with the machine.

EZCAD software is a special imagining software which support all-English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

  • – Excellent beam quality

The optical fiber laser is the medium mixed yb double-clad fiber, resonant cavity length.

Beam quality is very good, M2 value is 1.2-1.5, the output flare diameter can achieve 10 microns.



  • – Application materials

Many type of metals: Gold, Silver, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum, chrome Brass, etc, Alloy and metal oxides: Anodized Aluminum, Some non-metallic materials & Special surface treatment: silicon wafer,ceramics,plastic, rubber, epoxy resin,ABS,Printing ink, Plating, Spraying, Coating film.

  • – Application industry

+ Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component

+ Mobile (Cover, battery, keyboard, I Phone Case)

+ Jewellery (Ring, pedeant, bracelet), eyeglass, clocks and craft

+ Building materials, PVC pipe

+ Car motor car spare part

+ Insturment and meters and cutting tool

+ Plastic case

+ Hardware fitting and accessory

+ Sanitary appliance

+ Food and beverage

+ Medicine package and medical instrument

+ Solar Photoelectrical PV industry

Product name Fiber laser marking machine CXF-20W
Laser source Raycus/CAS/MAX/IPG/MOPA
Laser source 20W/30W/50W
Control system PC control system
Image software EZCAD software
Laser wavelength 1064nm±10nm
Minimum line width 0.01mm
Minimum character 0.1mm
Marking speed 10000mm/s
Marking depth 0~1mm
Engraving line speed ≤3000mm/s
Beam quality M2:1.2~1.8
Working voltage 220V±10%/50Hz/4A
Laser module life >100000 hours


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