Export-oriented Laser Welder


Performance Characteristic

It is designed for export with macro energy and high stability, applying new large energy laser power devices and laser. The facility occupies excellent properties as follows:

  • Structure is novel and appearance is artistic, laser head can be elected for controlling motion
  • Its welding energy is powerful and can melt thicker wires for welding, and its welding property is stable
  • Wave shape can be adjusted at will to meet technological requirements of the welding of complicated and special materials in single laser pluse
  • The operation of touch screen interface is ocular and convenient


It can be applied to repairing and welding of various mould including precise molding, die-casting, etc and mending of sand hole, lack, cutting processing, etc in casting, machine parts, as well as welding of various mental structure and gold and silver jewelry.


Model No TFL-200E/E-D
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Max of laser power 200W
Impulse Width 0.1-20ms
Laser Frequency 1-50Hz
Rated Power 6/6.5KW
Power demand Single phase 220V±5%/50Hz/30A
Triphase 380±5%/50Hz/20A
Overall dimension Main Machine: 550x1200x1280mm
Water Chiller: 540x650x780mm


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