Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Performance characteristics

§  Marking area can be 110*110mm, 150*150mm, 175*175mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm. Different field lens, different marking area. Table size is not same as marking area.

§  XY table which can move on the flat dimension, it can move left and right, forward and back. For three dimension table,  it can not move on the flat dimension, but also move up and down, suitable for handheld type fiber laser marking machine

§  Laser source. Fiber laser marking machine can be different laser source, different means “different watt”, “different brand”. For different watt, higher watt laser source has higher speed, 50W>30W>20W. For different brand, CAS/RAYCUS/MAX/IPG/JPT MOPA can be choosed. 



§  Fiber laser marking machine is widely for stainless steel marking, carbon steel marking, iron making, aluminum marking, Copper marking, anodized and coated material materials marking, and not-metallic such as nylon marking, ABS/PVC/PC board, hard plastic marking, rubber marking, resin marking, ceramic marking etc., in the industries of electronic and communication products, IC products, electric lines, cable computer computer components and electric appliance, precision parts, hardware tools, instrument appliance and so on.


LXF-20W CXF-30W  CXF-50W
Product name Fiber marking CXF-20W Fiber marking CXF-30W Fiber marking CXF-50W
Max Working area 300*300mm 300*300mm 300*300mm
Laser power 20watt 30watt 50watt
Marking thickness Depends on materials
Marking speed


Packing size 80*92*156cm
Optional parts Acrylic protective cover Rotary (Diameter 50mm, 80mm, 100mm)
Fume extractor Protective glasses Working light


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