Gantry Plasma Cutting Machine XP3060


Performance Characteristics

This model is gantry structure. Its cross beam have many specifications: 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, etc. Both of them adopt dual drive and lineal guide. Torch quantity is optional according to users’ requirement, also can be configured as abnormity cutting and strip cutting. Control system adopts industrial computer, figure tracking function when cutting.


It is suitable for cutting kinds of metal materials like low carbon steel, alloy steel and non-ferrous metal and is widely applied in the manufacturing of boiler pressure container, chemical container, industrial power station construction, metallurgy, aerospace industry, automobiles, building and so on.

Model XP3060
Working size 3000mm*6000mm
Traveling speed 0-24000rpm/min
Cutting speed 10-15m/min
Cutting thickness 0.1-30mm
Input voltage 3 phase,380v±10%
Straight line positioning precision ±0.2mm/10m
Straight line repeat precision ±0.3mm/10m


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