Heavy Duty Frame CNC Router XM1325-A2


Performance Characteristics

  • – Deep-processing cutting off, grooving, carving and milling of all non-metallic material and soft materials with the most economical and reasonable method.
  • – Full automatic blade system of 4 service positions, which saves time and labor, cutter head cooling system is provided, so as to needs of processing various materials.
  • – Chinese industrial digital control system makes the function of processing three-dimensional curved surface realized, special hard disk with massive storage capacity and USB interface are also provided.


  • – Carpentry decoration Industry.
  • – Home Decoration Industry: relief carving and cutting of fresco, screen etc.
  • – Wooden art ware industry: processing different kinds of wooden arts and crafts.
  • – Furniture Industry: 2D, 3D relief carving and cutting of door, bed, computer desk, chairs etc.
  • – Advertising industry: giant acrylic cutting, chest card making, stereo advertising board making etc.
  • – Door Industry: single line and relief carving and cutting of cabinet door, solid wood door, security door etc.
  • – Instrument Industry: linear and relief carving and cutting of various wooden or acrylic instruments, like guitar, violin, guitar etc.
Machine material Steel
X,Y,Z working area 1300*2500*200mm
Spindle  3.0KW water-cooled spindle
Spindle rotating speed  0-24000rpm
Max. engraving speed 20000mm/min
Accuracy  <0.04/300mm
Cutter diameter  3.175mm, 4mm, 6mm


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