Independent Double Heads CNC Router


Performance Characteristics

  • – Adopt Taiwan H25 linear square guide rail, double slippers. Bearing heavy, working steadily high precision, and long life time. Imported ball screw, high precision for cutting.
  • – Adopting advanced NC-studio /DSP system, operated with the handle, convenient operation, humanization design.
  • – Unique intelligent budget principle, fully develops the potential of the motor and lead to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and straight lines, smoother curves.
  • – Well compatibility CAD/DAM designing software e.g. Type3/artCAM/Castmate/wentai etc.
  • – Vacuum Table with 6 vacuum zones, which can adsorb different sizes materials. no oil vacuum pump, high suction, more convenient, stable capability.
  • – Adopt high speed stepper motor and drivers, and two motors for Y axis. Max speed is 35M/MIN. Auto Aligning System. With air cooling spindle highly upgrade the processing speed.



  • – Furniture industries: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, plates, antique furniture, doors, windows, desks and chairs.
  • – Decoration industries: screens, wave boards, large-size wall hangings, advertising boards and sign making.
  • – Arts & Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles, organic boards, double-color boards and so on for achieving effects of exquisite patterns and characters.
  • – Decoration industries: engraving, milling and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC, density boards, artificial stones, organic glass, plastics and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum.
X,Y,Z Working Area 1300x2500x200mm
X,Y,Z Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Max. Power Consumption (Without Spindle)  2.5kw~3Kw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate  33000mm/min
 Max. Working Speed 25000mm/min
Spindle Speed 0-18000RPM
Working Voltage  AC380V V/50/60Hz,3PH (Option: 220V)


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