Laser Rust Cleaning Removal Machine


Performance Characteristics

Laser rust cleaning removal machine is the latest high-tech product. Revolutionary cleaning technology for industrial cleaning, easy to install, operate, and to be automated, plug in power, turn on and start cleaning-without using chemicals, media, dust and water,  auto-focusing function enables precision positioning and 3D cleaning.

Apply to

– Metal surface rust removal

– Surface paint cleaning

– Surface oil stain/contaminant cleaning

– Coating surface cleaning

– Welding / coating surface pre-treatment

– Stone figure surface dust & attachment cleaning

– Plastic mould residues cleaning



– Revolutionary eco-friendly cleaning technology

– Non-contact cleaning, no damage to work piece

– Precision positioning, selective cleaning

– Safe & environment-friendly. Without using chemical detergent or other consumables

– Easy to operate, with portable mode and could be equipped with robot for automatic cleaning

– High efficiency, time-saving

– Stable laser cleaning system, practically maintenance free

Model CXC-100W CXC-200W
Laser power 100W 200W
Laser source type Raycus fiber laser source Raycus fiber laser source
Laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
Cooling method air cooling air cooling


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