Mopa Color Laser Marking Machine


Performance characteristics


  • – Can marking color on ss
  • – Best Marking Effect
  • – Deep Marking
  • – Higher Accuracy
  • – No consumables
  • – No need to adjust the laser path
  • – Free of Maintenance
  • – Use Integrated Air Cooling
  • – Low Power Consumption
  • – Small and compact

Feature of fiber laser marking machine

  • – High-tech,and it can make on both metal and non-metal
  • – Self-clean system
  • – Lifetime over 100000 hours.
  • – Accuracy and speed is very well.
  • – This Fiber laser marking machine price is economic and reasonable.



  • – Application material:  This pcb laser marking machine is economic with best quality, and it mainly used for marking on metal and nonmetal material, it can marking on mobile phones buttons,  plastic translucent keys, electronic components, integrated  circuits(IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanity ware, tools, accessories, knifes, medical device industry, jewelry, glass and clocks, auto parts, luggage buckle, cooking utensils, stainless steel products and other industries, ect
  • – Application industry:   This pcb laser marking machine widely used in automatic parts industry, medical equipment, electronic components, IT industry, hardware industry, precision apparatuses, jewelry, crafts, high-low-boltage appliances, packaging industry, etc.
Device Item No. CXF-20 CXF-30 CXF-50
Power 20W 30W 50W
Product Name Fiber Laser Marking Device
Laser Brand CHINSAIL Marking Machine
Laptop Computer Including one laptop for each set, build-in laser marking software.
Laser Marking Machine Type portable laser marking devices items (desktop one for option)
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Device Marking Area 110mmx110mm / 150x150mm/ 175x175mm
Optional Marking Area 200mmx200mm / 300mmx300mm
Laser Marking Depth ≤2mm(depending on material and marking time).
Laser Marking Speed ≤7,000 mm/s
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
Minimum Character 0.15mm
Repeated Precision ±0.003mm
Life-span of Fiber Laser Marking 100,000 hours
Beam Quality M2 <1.5
Focus Spot Diameter <0.01mm
Output Power of Laser 10%~100% continuously to be adjusted.
System Operation Environment Windows XP / Win7(32/64bits) / Win8(32/64bits)/Win10.
Cooling Mode Built-in fan for Air cooling.
Power Input 220V-50HZ(single phase) or 110V-60HZ(single phase).
Laser marking software Ezcad professional marking software, English version.


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