Mould Laser Welder


Performance characteristics

  • Imported ceramic convergent cavity applied holds high reflectivity. strong energy and very long service life
  • Special water chiller with 1.5p high power can meet the requirement for long time and high power welding
  • Table base electric lift, table mobile accessories ball screw bar and linear guide rail are portable and flexible and positioning is precision


Precise molding, mending of die casting mould, metal jewelry and parts, welding of precision stamping, casting lost wax, alumium casting, sand hole repairing of stainless steel products.

Model No. TFL-180 III
Laser Wavelength 1064 mm
Power Demand single phase 220V±5%/50Hz/30A
triphase 380V±5%/50Hz/20A
Working Stroke 125x100mm
Max of Laser Power 180W


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