New Handle Laser Rust Remover


Performance Characteristics

The new laser rust remover handheld is small and portable, the cleaning process is very simple and rapid, the compact and push-able design can meet your needs for laser cleaning anywhere, and you can adjust the scanning from 1 mm to 150 mm according to your demands of cleaning different surface area.


  • – The new laser rust remover handheld is a small and portable machine, equipped with wheels, makes it convenience to move;
  • – Wide range of material applicability, the industrial laser rust removal machine is flexible and efficient application to a variety of industrial processing scenarios;
  • – Hand-held laser cleaning head of the industrial laser rust removal machine is easy to use, lightweight can be used for long hours;
  • – Low requirements for working environment for the laser industrial cleaning machines, it is safe and stable maintenance-free;
  • – No material consumption, long service life;
  • – Can select precise location, and precision size to clean
Model XRPE-X30 XRPE-X50 XRPE-X100 XRPE-X200
Laser power 30W 50W 100W 200W
Laser type Raycus Laser SourceAir
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Cooling method Air cooling
Cabinet dimension 420*340*630 420*340*630 780*450*760 780*450*760
Power 300W 400W 550W 4500W
Scan width 5-50 10-50 10-80 10-80
Optional matching Hand held/Automation
Length of light 3 meters (optional 5 meters)
Laser grade 4
Cleaning model Equipment comes with a variety of pattems, free choice processing (linear, round type)


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