Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine


Performance Characteristics

  • – Excellent quality of light beam: with comparison to marking for traditional solid laser marking, the output of basic mode and the diameter of focus spot is less than 20μm. The divergence angle is only 1/4 of semiconductor pump laser. It is applicable for precise and fine marking especially.
  • – The maximal photo electricity conversion efficiency reach 30%, the electricity consumption for the finished machine is of 600W only, which is 1/10 of lamp pump solid laser marking machine and 1/3 of semiconductor laser marking machine, greatly saving the energy consumption output.
  • – No maintenance and long service life: the laser diode is serves as the pump laser, with fully-sealed optical path design, the average service time free of failure exceeds 100,000 hours.
  • – Rapid processing speed: the processing speed is 5-10 times of traditional laser marking machine.



Laser marking processing with high-quality requirement for great batches of products; it is mainly used for marking for electronic components, buttons of motor meter, buttons of mobile, shell of mobile, buttons of sound, one-dimensional and two-dimensional laser bar code and silicon wafer marking

Model no TFL-F10A/12A/20A/30A TFL-F10B/20B/30B
Power 10W/12W/20W/30W 10W/20W/30W
Repeatability power 20-100KHz 20-100KHz
Marking scope

100x100mm (Optional 70-250mmbreadth)

Engraving depth

≤ 0.5 mm

Lineatity speed for engraving

≤ 12000 mm/s

Minimum linearity width

0.01 mm

Minimum character

0.15 mm

Repeatability precision

0.002 mm

Electric power demand


Rated power


Overall dimension 600x750x1500mm 600x750x1400mm


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