Optimator is a set of adjustments designed from the beginning with a specific purpose – Saving gas. This economical set of valves saves up to 50% of the amount of gas released when welding, increasing the time of using gas cylinders and reducing transportation costs. In addition, because the risk of weld opening is less, resulting in lower gas consumption, higher quality welds, reducing the impact on the environment.
Principle of operation
When starting welding, the Optimator smart gas valve consumes only half the gas volume compared to the conventional gas-saving valves that customers are using on the market. This means that the shorter the customer is, the more gas will be saved.
With the same gas cylinders, the number of soldered customers’ products will double, even higher, increase economic benefits, reduce the labor cost of installation and transportation, reduce adverse impacts on the environment. school
Within a few months the customer will recover the investment for Optimator and then all the savings will be from the customer.
The amount of gas you save with the Optimator depends on the amount of welding of the customer. The shorter the weld, the greater the gas savings. The chart below shows the amount of money that customers will save when using Optimator gas valve
Below, we offer a variety of gas-saving valves for customers to choose from:
Optimator lockable
This is a gas-saving version with all the components of a regular gas saver: Clock, controller, etc. However, the Optimator version without the key comes with an outstanding advantage – Gas saving. gas. Make sure the amount of air released is stable when starting welding.
Optimator unlock
Just like a valve without a lock, the gas-saving valve with a locked version also ensures stable air flow. However, there is a difference here that this version increases the security for users – only the owner of the new key can adjust the amount of gas when welding.
The valve connects directly to the welding machine
The special integrated version of Optimator for situations where customers want to use an existing regulator that integrates with the gas-saving valve set, this integrated Optimator is a good choice for you to use.
Test results of gas-saving valves
Tests show that Optimator saves at least 43% gas in this welding cycle at Volvo.
To check how much gas could be saved by using Optimator, the following test was performed at Volvo Bus in Uddevalla, Sweden with two operating cycles: One Optimator gas-saving  and one using an existing device.
Test results have shown:
Consumption of gas using existing equipment: 838L
Consumption of gas using Optimator : 429L


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