Suspension Arm Type Mould Laser Welder


Performance Characteristics

  • – It fits repairing and welding of any angle the free position on all kinds of mould, with 2 directions flexibly adjusting welding angle and position and control level controlling laser head motor-driven as well as stepless speed regulation.
  • – Large moulds can be directly welded on ground or forklift, which does not neeed working table
  • – Imported ceramic convergent cavity is applied with high reflectivity and very long service life
  • – Welding of small molds is also flexible and convenient for being equipped with electric lift precision worktable


It is specially designed for the repairing and welding of large moulds such as plastics and die-casting mould including auto moulds, casing moulds, tire moulds, plastic shell moulds for home appliance, etc. The suspension arm equipped can be lift up and down by electric power and rotate 360 degrees to weld moulds of 3 meters long and several tons in weight. And the facility is installed pulley wheels for easy motion, so that it can be moved beside the injection molding machine to weld. It is unnecessary to unpack the mould. Manual table quipped also fits welding of small and medium moulds.

Model No TFL-180III-DB
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Spotlight cavity reflector Imported Cersmic Convergent cavity
Max of laser power 180W
Impulse Width 0-15ms
Laser Frequency 0-50Hz
Adjusting scope of light spot 0.3-2mm
Cooling mode Hydrocooling
Working Stroke 125x100mm
Rated Power 6.5KW
Power demand Single phase 220V±5%/50Hz/30A
Triphase 380V±5%/50Hz/20A
Overall dimension Main machine: 550x1200x1100mm
Suspension Arm system 1700x1400x1100mm
Water chiller 540x650x780mm


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